The steps to replace the headlight bulb are as follows:

Engine cover

Open the engine cover and observes the distribution of car parts on the back of the headlights. If there is not enough space, it needs to be replaced.

Determine the model and unscrew the lamp cover

Pay attention to the lamp logo under the outer glass of the headlamp. Remove the lamp cover, pay attention to the different ways of removal for different models

Replace with a new bulb

Hold the car light with your hand, pull out the lamp holder with the power cord forcefully, loosen the circlip of the bulb base, you can take out the car lamp, then reinstall the new bulb, and use the circlip to fix the bulb, then press Install the headlamps in the reverse order of the previous ones. When reinstalling the dust-proof plate, be sure to screw it well to avoid damage to the headlights by rain and dust

Turn off the switch before replacing the bulb

Before replacing the lights, make sure that the ignition switch and the light switch are off, and colleagues make sure that the bulbs have cooled down


Because there is a pressurized gas inside the halogen bulb, special treatment is required. If the bulb is hit or falls on the ground, it may explode or rupture. Therefore, only hold the plastic part of the bulb or the metal box, and do not touch the glass part of the bulb.

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